Sarz Sanctuary

Sarz Sanctuary offers support to people suffering traumatic grief resulting from the death of a loved one

Sarz Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating residential healing centres where bereaved people can access general practitioners, counsellors and holistic healers.


Mark and Julie Wallace founded Sarz Sanctuary following the violent death of their 21-year-old daughter, Sara Zelenak in a terror attack. Through their journey of post-traumatic therapy, Mark and Julie discovered that people heal in different ways and need different kinds of support. They imagined a specialised venue dedicated to treating traumatic grief. In this way, the seed of Sarz Sanctuary was planted.

In loving memory of

Our Story

On June 3 2017, twenty-one-year-old Sara Zelenak was murdered in the London Bridge and Borough Street Market terror attack. “As parents, we’ll never get over losing our child. But, we want to give meaning to her loss by helping others who have suffered traumatic grief like we have…”

Treating Traumatic Grief

“Our experience has shown us the devastating impact of traumatic grief. We understand that traumatic grief has a significant impact on people emotionally, physically and socially. We also know that people can heal, but everyone’s journey of recovery is different…”

How we can help

Sarz Sanctuary is a place where people can heal in their own way. The devastating impact that traumatic grief has had on their body, mind and spirit calls for multiple different healing modalities. At Sarz Sanctuary people have access to doctors, counsellors, psychologists and a wide range of holistic options like Yoga, Reiki, massage and art therapy…

Sarz Sanctuary aims to provide a wide range of services including: