Meet you
in Paris

23rd June 2018 to 30th June 2018

We were to meet Sara in Paris on the 30th of June 2017, twenty six days after her death, to climb the Eiffel Tower, eat cheese and croissants and drink French wine.

After Sara left Australia, each phone call and text message always ended with the same words, ‘Meet you in Paris’. This was our focus; it was the next time we would be together, though sadly it never happened. Julie and I both believe that ‘Angel Sara’ will be there in Paris to meet all who are involved in this event.

Our pilgrimage to bring alive that memory is the basis of ‘Meet you in Paris’. We will travel from Australia to London Bridge to the Eiffel Tower, travelling for eight days by bicycle to the Eiffel Tower, Paris. Throughout our journey we will be carrying our personal letter of hope to be delivered to the people of France. 

Please join us to bring our community and our world together to share unconditional love for all that we have in life.

Yours Sincerely
Mark & Julie Wallace

Letter of hope

The Event - 'Meet you in Paris', 23/06/18 to 30/06/18
The Route - Borough Street Markets, London Bridge, Southwark to Eiffel Tower, Paris

Cycle during the day at a moderate pace, stopping to enjoy the spectacular sights these two countries have to offer, enjoying a quick ale with fish and chips in many of the quaint pubs of London and indulging in the culinary flair and wines of France.  We will settle in each night to fun filled entertainment and great social get together.

The 2018 event is a closed event for family and close friends.  This is the inaugural tour to pave the way for an annual event.  

How you can be involved

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Pre-register for the 'Meet you in Paris 2019' here, July dates to be confirmed

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Borough Street Markets, London Bridge, Southwalk to
Eiffel Tower, Paris


On 3rd June 2017, our daughter, Sara Zelenak, aged 21, was killed in the London Bridge and Borough Street Markets terror attack. We want to honour her life and give purpose to her death by sharing our experience and helping those who have suffered similar traumatic grief, on their healing journey. With your help with raising funds, our vision is to establish a network of healing sanctuaries within Australia and in the UK where we can formally launch Sarz Sanctuary.